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"Only two words can express how we feel…THANK YOU! You have helped to truly make our dream wedding come true. Who knew the day we hired you that we would be gaining not only a great planner, but a great friend!"
Tabitha & Danny Rivera, Bride & Groom

Starry Night St. Petersburg Fundraiser
"Thanks for everything. The room was breathtaking, the evening ran seamlessly (or at least that's the way it looked to me). Your involvement with this event has brought it up to a different level. Sincerely, thanks!!!!!!!!!!"
Paloma Amar-Coleman, Executive Director, The Resource Center for Woman & Their Families

Starry Night St. Petersburg Fundraiser
"Danielle, how can I express my thanks to you? Starry Night was so beautiful and so well put together; we received nothing but praise from our guests and volunteers. My only question to you is how will you top this?!??!!??!? I already know you will."
Joanne Kaiser, Director, The Resource Center for Woman & Their Families

Starry Night Siam Fundraiser
"I still can’t believe that Starry Night Siam made over our goal for the Resource Center! It is incredible to realize that double that amount was made. Of course your keeping expenses low helped to achieve that goal. I had a feeling when I first asked you if you would help us with this fund raiser, good things would happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful things you did for Starry Night."
Diane English, President of the Board, The Resource Center for Woman & Their Families

"When a bride dreams of her wedding day, she thinks of flowers, her dress, the church, her hair, etc. She doesn't think of missing buttons on the tux, spilled wine on her dress, rude vendors, or late limos. But fortunately if you have someone like Danielle and her staff at Full Circle Bridal, you don't have to worry about those details either! Danielle ran our wedding event on Oct 13th, and I can honestly say that the day would not have been as smooth or as wonderful without her there. She was professional, thorough, and a lifesaver a few times that day! And the different wedding packages that she offered made me able to customize the level of involvement I wanted from a wedding coordinator during the planning process. Thank you, Danielle, for making my wedding day as magical as it was!"
Jessica & Jason Wormeck, Bride & Groom

"We hired Danielle to help organize and plan for unexpected events and ensure all details were addressed. I wanted someone to count on who has experience with wedding issues to guide me and make suggestions that I would not have come up with on my own. The planner was seen as someone who can handle and coordinate the wedding day so that the bride, groom and parents can focus on the celebration instead of the details of what needs to get done.
Danielle was very personable which is what impressed me and my parents. We felt that Danielle was part of the family. More than that, Danielle was organized and offered suggestions. It was comforting that Danielle always called me back whenever I needed her.
Danielle was fantastic! She definitely became part of the family!"
Lori & Dave Sweeney, Bride & Groom

"I wanted to say you did a wonderful job with the wedding-especially with the DJ issues that I knew nothing about during the wedding. I have gotten so many compliments on Rev. Ran and the decorations. Everyone had a great time!!! You did a great job!!!"
Dana & Michael Socci, Bride & Groom

"I saw the great work Danielle did for my sisters wedding. She was aggressive when needed, made sure we were taken care of, and was on top of everything (never had to be told what to do).
You did a great job! Thanks for all your hard work!"
Eve & Fernando Sanchez, Bride & Groom

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Wedding Planner Serving NJ, NY & PA
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